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  • - NEW CHIBBI -

    A new LALA size to love!

  • MAMA.

    The one and only.

  • CHIBI.

    Perfect huggable size, for anyone.

  • mini.

    Good things come in small LALAs.

  • $1 Practice Listing (Donation)

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About Us

Hi there! My name is Lynn and I am the creator/maker of¬†all things LaLa Dollies¬†¬ģ.

I made my first doll for my youngest son, who was having a difficult time sleeping alone at night. The first Lala provided a sense of security and companionship for him during his bedtime routine.

In addition to providing a positive attachment, my hope for the dolls is to help spark curiosity and exploration through the play of young children, and to help awaken the inner child in us all, yes, even as adults!

Thank you for visiting, and supporting my shop!